VW Part Numbers for Side View Mirror Glass Explained

Easy to follow guide on VW mirror glass with plate

This article will help you understand how VW part numbering system works for side view mirror glass.

A typical part number looks like: 5K0857521A. It is much easier to read the number if you break it down like this: 5K0 857 521 A.

Let’s step through each set of characters.

The first three characters show which VW model the part was originally designed for. In this case 5K0 means that the mirror glass is for VW Golf VI.

The second group of characters 857 is the same in any VW mirror glass part number. I does not change.

The third set of characters can only be 521 which means it is for LH (driver) side or 522 which means it’s for RH (passenger) side,

The last set of characters is the modification code and is only used if needed. Not every part number has it. In our example A means that the mirror is flat (not curved). One model mirror glass can have different characteristics such as: lettering (for RH in certain markets), aspherical, convex, automatic anti-dazzle (auto dim). So, it’s very important to know the modification code if you are looking for a specific feature or want to upgrade.

Use the chart below to help you identify and order the correct mirror glass:

VW Side Mirror Part Numbers Explained