BMW Side View Mirror Types Explained

BMW 5′ 6′ 7′ Series auto-dimming vs. heated mirrors

The side view mirrors on you BMW may be two different types. The more expensive is heated and also one has an auto-dimming function also called Electrochromic (EC). The second more popular option is only heated. Both mirrors have the same size mounting tabs but different connectors as seen below: 

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Auto-dimming vs. heated mirror for BMW 5 6 7 series difference explained

51167228611 (old number 51167186589) USA LH Side EC
51167251585 (old number 51167186583) USA LH Side Non EC
51167251583 (old number 51167186581) EURO LH Side Aspherical Non EC

Now Available- Aspherical Mirrors for Dodge Charger & Chrysler 300

Direct replacement with backing plate

No need for any modifications to your car

Simply clip new mirror in place 


Passenger Right Aspherical Mirror for 2011-2019 Dodge Charger & Chrysler 300 with defrost

Now in stock we have aspherical blind spot mirrors for your Dodge Charger or Chrysler 300. Enjoy wider field of view without the need for any stick on mirrors. Avoid blind spot accidents, change lanes with ease, and drive safer.

Driver Left Aspherical Mirror for 2011-2019 Dodge Charger & Chrysler 300 in housing

Our mirrors are designed to be a direct replacement for your stock mirrors. Swapping the mirrors is very simple and normally takes about 20-30 min for both sides. 

Passenger Right Aspherical Mirror for 2011-2019 Dodge Charger & Chrysler 300 backing plate

Aspherical mirrors are very popular on European vehicles- now you can enjoy them on your very own American car.

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2009-2018 Dodge RAM Two-Axis Spotter Mirror Overview

Do you wish for a mirror that can defy blind spots?

Not happy with the little round stick-on mirrors that look out of place?


2009-2018 Dodge RAM Blind Spot Two-axis Mirror- close up

We are glad to offer the perfect solution for your Dodge RAM. Meet Two-Axis. This mirror is unique in a way that allows you to adjust the outer part to be able to see what you need to see. Check out the video below to get a better understanding about how it works.

Our mirrors are designed to be a direct replacement for your stock mirrors. No modifications are required. Swapping the mirrors is very simple and normally takes about 15-20 min for both sides. 


2009-2018 Dodge RAM Blind Spot Two-axis Mirror- back

Two-axis mirrors are a stylish addition to any truck or SUV and give that custom look other will envy. Merging with confidence on the highway, backing into parking spots like a pro, towing, hauling- you name it…

spotter mirror

2009-2018 Dodge RAM Blind Spot Two-axis Mirror- in box

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VW Part Numbers for Side View Mirror Glass Explained

Easy to follow guide on VW mirror glass with plate

This article will help you understand how VW part numbering system works for side view mirror glass.

A typical part number looks like: 5K0857521A. It is much easier to read the number if you break it down like this: 5K0 857 521 A.

Let’s step through each set of characters.

The first three characters show which VW model the part was originally designed for. In this case 5K0 means that the mirror glass is for VW Golf VI.

The second group of characters 857 is the same in any VW mirror glass part number. I does not change.

The third set of characters can only be 521 which means it is for LH (driver) side or 522 which means it’s for RH (passenger) side,

The last set of characters is the modification code and is only used if needed. Not every part number has it. In our example A means that the mirror is flat (not curved). One model mirror glass can have different characteristics such as: lettering (for RH in certain markets), aspherical, convex, automatic anti-dazzle (auto dim). So, it’s very important to know the modification code if you are looking for a specific feature or want to upgrade.

Use the chart below to help you identify and order the correct mirror glass:

VW Side Mirror Part Numbers Explained

2008 Volvo S60- OEM vs. Aspherical Side View Mirror Comparison

If you are considering a Euro style mirror for your car use the following information to help you make your decision. We used two vehicles to demonstrate a common scenario on the road.

The Avalon is in the blind zone of the Volvo and barely visible in the OEM mirror, as you can see from the photo below. Any lane changes at this moment would be very risky and not recommended.

Replacing the original mirror with a wide-angle one is a quick and simple process. After snapping in the aspherical mirror into place, the field of view is increased, so that the Avalon is clearly visible. In this case you would not attempt to change lanes until you have a clear opportunity to do so.

Hopefully, this little experiment sheds some light on the benefits of using wide angle mirrors.

Two cars in a driveway positioned in such a way to demonstrate blind zone

Real life blind zone experiment.

A flat side view mirror with barely visible car

Field of view with OEM mirror

View of disassembled 2006 Volvo S60 OEM mirror

Original Volvo mirror removed from housing

Convex vs Aspherical Mirrors

For those who are considering wide-angle/curved mirrors.

Aspherical side view mirrors are the default option for vehicles in Europe. This is the reason why those mirrors are often referred to as ‘Euro style’ in the US.

Here are the differences between the two types.

  • Convex mirrors have a constant radius of curvature across the full surface- usually between 1200 and 1400 mm. This means they are slightly curved  to provide a wider field of view. In the US, those are the default type of mirrors for the passenger side, only.
  • Speaking of aspherical mirrors- the inner portion is slightly convex and the outer 20% has a decreasing radius of curvature. This means the field of view is even wider. The transition between the convex and aspheric sections is marked with a line. In Europe, those are the default type of mirrors for both sides.

Usually people who have driven a car overseas attempt to outfit every car they own in the US with aspherical mirrors. Unfortunately in many cases they are not readily available, especially for domestic makes and models.

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