Convex vs Aspherical Mirrors

For those who are considering wide-angle/curved mirrors.

Aspherical side view mirrors are the default option for vehicles in Europe. This is the reason why those mirrors are often referred to as ‘Euro style’ in the US.

Here are the differences between the two types.

  • Convex mirrors have a constant radius of curvature across the full surface- usually between 1200 and 1400 mm. This means they are slightly curved  to provide a wider field of view. In the US, those are the default type of mirrors for the passenger side, only.
  • Speaking of aspherical mirrors- the inner portion is slightly convex and the outer 20% has a decreasing radius of curvature. This means the field of view is even wider. The transition between the convex and aspheric sections is marked with a line. In Europe, those are the default type of mirrors for both sides.

Usually people who have driven a car overseas attempt to outfit every car they own in the US with aspherical mirrors. Unfortunately in many cases they are not readily available, especially for domestic makes and models.

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